Best architectural offices and architects in Cyprus

Cyprus is quickly becoming a hotbed of architectural activity. New projects are conceived and designed every day and very unique and modern buildings have started to crop up in the small country’s biggest cities such as Limassol, Nicosia and Larnaka. Furthermore, some architectural offices and architects from Cyprus have undertaken important projects all over the world. This shows just how active and appreciated the architecture scene in Cyprus is.

If you are interested in the construction of a building or a residence in Cyprus, or if you are looking for a really talented architect, then you should really consider picking a local professional or firm. Let’s see how you can find the best architects and architect offices in Cyprus.

Search online

The first step to finding the best architects and offices in any given country or location, is getting an image of the seen in said location. The easiest way to do that is with a few internet searches. First of all, you should search for architects in Cyprus. This search will provide you with pretty much all the architects and firms that mention Cyprus as a location on their websites. Now you have a starting point. You have the big picture, but you will need to make it smaller. This can be done by browsing the results.

You can narrow down the search and make the results more precise by adding a specific location to the search. By adding “Paphos” for example, you will only see results concerning architects and firms working in that city. You can make your search even more precise by adding the type of building you are interested in. By adding the term “architects residence” for example, you will get results focused on professionals and firms that undertake projects of this kind.

Spend some time to study the results of the search

Once your online search is complete, you will have to begin researching the results. In other words, you will need to browse the websites of the architects and the architecture firms presented after the search and pick out the ones that you find the most interesting. There is no way to do this, no way to cut corners. If you want to find the best architects you will have to visit as many websites as possible in order to form an opinion, otherwise you will just be making guesses.

Once you enter an architect’s or a firm’s website, it goes without saying that the first section that you should visit is the portfolio section. This is where you will images and analyses of completed projects and concepts for other projects that never came to fruition or that were created for a contest or some other similar reason. Even the best architects have designs and concepts that were never picked up or “dream projects” that they design on their spare time and then display to their colleagues and potential clients. The portfolio is where you will get a good idea about the architect’s style – they are artists first after all – which will in turn give you a good about this specific architect’s or firm’s suitability for the project that you have in mind. It’s important that you pick an architect with whom you “see eye to eye’ as far as style is concerned.

Establish contact

Once you find an office or a professional that you find interesting, you will have to establish contact with them as soon as possible. This can be done via e-mail at first, but it will have to be followed by a formal meeting either in-person or on-line. During this meeting you will discuss the project in more detail and the architects will decide whether or not they can work on your project.